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Contractors You Can Trust

Custom Painting’s superior customer service and high-quality workmanship have been key to our success over the past 25 years.

We continue to improve our services to our most valuable resource, our clients. We take great pride in our record for customer service and our ability to maintain long standing relationships with national and local clients. Each project reflects the quality of our workmanship and detail which makes it our top priority to provide you with an exceptionally positive experience from the time we deliver your written quote until after our professional painting contractors have walked you through the finished job.

Custom Painting only employs highly skilled professionals who can fulfill the values in which the company places much emphasis on. For this reason our work is always 100% guaranteed and the customer- client relationship goes beyond the finished product.

To be a great painting contractor, we believe that you must accomplish much more than getting the job done and receiving payment. If this were the case, anyone could compete in the industry. We truly believe that what sets us apart is our strong belief in our core values which include fluid communication, reliability, quality workmanship, cleanliness and safety.

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